Gnarly Hearts Original: High Quality, Lab Tested Nootropics

Our biggest hope is to create a community of those who overcome all odds, never make excuses, and press onward regardless of how hard life gets. We strive to be more than a business- we strive to be a family.

From our founder - James Biccum

I started Gnarly Hearts Original after suffering great losses during The Camp Fire of 2018 in Paradise, California. The losses were immeasurable for everyone involved. Regardless, but I kept the mindset of "warrior," as opposed to "victim," and it got me through each day even if that day was spent breathing moment to moment to carry on. And although I truly believe that adversity fosters growth  and forges our shield as we walk through life's fires, sometimes we need a little support. It was in this moment I knew that I wanted to help like minded individuals- those suffering immeasurable loss, grief, anxiety, fear, etc. Those who, despite facing adversity are Gnarly Hearted and continue to press on.

No one’s trauma is more traumatic than the another's as everyone faces adversity in one way or another. Regardless of what those demons are, we need a space to hold them. And with every fiber in my being I believe that quality mental health support plays a huge role in tipping the scales to your favor.

Mental health has been at a steady decline and what's worse is the taboo that surrounds talking about it and how to start healing. CBD is a pathway to start that healing journey. Each product is tested for efficiency, efficacy and potency in our lab. 

If you've read this far I wanted to personally say thank you for supporting our local family run business. Happy to have you here! 

- James